Pashmak, “Atlantic Thoughts” (2019)

Composition, strings and synths arrangements, violin.

“A compendium of all the best of international rock (pop) experiments, excellently blended in this style roller coaster”. Deerwaves

“A mixture of sounds and influences among the most distant - from avant-garde to electronics, from progressive nuances to the Balkans - for a perfectly harmonic synthesis, a new sound that the Italian scene so badly needs”. Rolling Stone

“Great record of an unknown genre, you travel with the mind and the body. The musical atmospheres of Pashmak have few boundaries”. Rockit (Record of the week)

“Even the most conventional moments convince and capture the listener […] the Milanese quartet demonstrates that it has embraced the most significant suggestions of international electronic pop”. Sentireascoltare

Selected tracks

Clio and Maurice, “Fragile EP” (2020)

Composition, strings arrangements, violin.

“An impossible encounter between a voice and a violin, between Nina Simone and Arca”. Rolling Stone

“The emotional tensions of an album entirely on the shoulders of a powerful voice and a violin with effects used as they should be”. Rumore

“A very interesting fusion of genres that we really liked”. La Repubblica

“The Italian way to Avantpop […] in the footsteps of ambitious overseas productions with layered and enveloping arrangements”. Rockit (best 50 records of 2020)

“An extraordinary duo that we are really happy to be able to air for a whole month”. MTV Music

Selected tracks

Ali + The Stolen Boy (2022)

Strings and synths arrangements, violin.

Selected tracks